Project 333: Winter 2014

Happy New Year 2014So this is the new year (and I don’t feel any different…).  You know what that means – time to launch round 3 of Project 333!

From today until March 31st, I’ll wear only 33 items (not counting outerwear, shoes and scarves).  Really, it’s more than it sounds like!  Let’s scope the breakdown…


(Jeans not pictured here. Whoops.)


Arranging in rainbow order was fun!

Jeans: 3
Cardigans: 3
Skirts: 6
Sweaters: 7
Shirts: 7
Dresses: 1
Tights: 6

Scarves: 10
(Not counted as part of the 33, but shown to give an idea of what we’ll be working with.)

It’s a nice mix of colors, with a few patterned and textured tops.  The focus during this project is always to work with what you have and come to realize that quality > quantity.  In fact, quantity is o v e r r a t e d.  You can get so much traction from the same, relatively few, pieces of clothing.

Stay tuned!  And Happy New Year : )